October Goals

BOO, HAPPY OCTOBER! For me, October is officially the start of Fall and gives me all the Halloween vibes. We can wake up the band Green Day now and we can go carve some pumpkins. Thomas and I really enjoyed our last weekend in September with a nice three days full of couple dates. We went rock climbing on Friday, surfed in LBI on Saturday, and then went apple picking and made pie on Sunday. While we enjoyed this last September weekend, I am SO STOKED for October. It is going to be a good one, I can feel it in my bones!


With a new month, comes some new goals and a new mindset for yours truly.

Becsea is a lifestyle blog by no one other than myself. I have been doing some thinking lately about how I can provide value to YOU, and that is my primary goal for October. I want to provide more value in my content. This includes content that you can relate to, understand, and maybe learn a thing or two from. From DIY to shopping deals to friendships to relationships, I want to be there every step of the way in life’s obstacles. As someone who never had a big sister, I learned a lot from personal experiences. I’d like to share more of these experiences and offer tips on some fun topics such as travel and style.

Now, let’s dive into October goals.

  2. Blog more often. This is tough with working a full time job where I stare at a computer screen but I AM GOING TO TRY MY HARDEST! Your girl has a lot to say (well… write) so my goal is to share more on becsea.com.
  3. Participate in Fall Festivities. It is so important to take a step back and to relax and enjoy fall! I am planning on accomplishing almost everything on that fall bucket list post. Let’s have some fun acting like kids again!
  4. Plan a random road trip! Thomas and I are working on this one… we may sleep in a teepee! Stay tuned.
  5. Video more! Let’s be honest, recording videos are not my strong point. Videos are the future though, so my goal is to record more clips for my own memories as well as for you guys to see what I am really like.
  6. Come up with a hot Halloween costume. I am 24 and I look like I am 14, but this Halloween I am DETERMINED to look hot for once. So here I am..admitting to you all that I want to find a hot halloween costume.
  7. Spice up my wardrobe. I wear the same thing to work everyday, and I totally should not! I have a lot of clothes to chose from. Instead of wearing fun clothes with friends or on the weekends, I hope to spice up my wardrobe in the office .
  8. Create quality content for collaborations. I want to create exciting, fun content that is not only great for the brand but also great for my personal brand.
  9. Book another travel collaboration. I had so much fun collaborating with the National for my Block Island blog post.  I am determined to network to gain another travel collaboration soon.
  10. HAVE FUN IN DISNEY! I am so stoked for our annual Food and Wine Festival trip and I just want to relax and enjoy it.


What are your goals for October?


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