The National Hotel, Block Island

Craving adventure, but unsure where to go? Crunched for time, but want to get away? Need to run away, but would rather just drive? Well, I have the PERFECT travel destination for you; it is full of history, beaches, bike rides, sharks, and downtowns.

DSC01132 2

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: BLOCK ISLAND, Rhode Island. 

This beautiful little piece of paradise is located just off the coast of Rhode Island and New York. Thomas and I have been eyeing up this place for a while now, and decided it was time for an adventure. Block Island’s busy season lasts throughout the summer months; however, we decided to take our trip during my favorite beach month of the year-September. I am going to share the entire trip from start to finish, so you too can plan your fun adventure to this unique and gorgeous spot.

On Sunday morning, we woke up at 5:30 AM to jump in the truck for a 3.5 hour road trip to Montauk, NY. We packed the necessities. For me, this included multiple outfits, two cameras,  and my favorite mode of transportation-my famous pink bicycle. For Thomas, it was TWO surfboards, a GoPro, and his beach cruiser bike. Since I am a planner, our tickets and parking pass were already purchased prior to arrival. We traveled on the Viking Fleet ferry from Montauk, NY to Block Island. The service was great, and the ride was easy. We really enjoyed the views as well!Processed with VSCO with dog1 preset


When we docked in Block Island, it was time for the 1.5 mile bike ride to our hotel. Considering Thomas “NEEDED” to bring two surfboards, we probably should have brought the truck with us. If you travel light on your adventures, mopeds and bikes are available for rent on the island.

We arrived at the beautiful and historic National Hotel with time to spare before check in. We used this time to explore the downtown a bit and to have some lunch. For a quick lunch with outdoor seating, we recommend Rebecca’s Takeout. Fortunately, our room was ready before the standard 3 PM check-in. The check-in process was a breeze, and we settled into our quaint, vintage room.


Our room at the National Hotel included a very comfortable bed, two beautiful windows showcasing an oceanfront view, a flat screen tv, dresser space, a bathroom, and interesting historical reservation request letters shown in frames. As if I was not in love with the view, I would later enjoy the peaceful sounds of the ocean as I fell asleep.

Thomas and I were ready to seize the day! Fortunately, the ocean was just across the street! We headed over to the beach for some afternoon surf and relaxation. The water was so blue and so beautiful. The ocean breeze matched the warm sunshine perfectly.

After surfing, it was time to explore! We rode our bikes all around the island…with no phones and no map. (Do not try this at home!) It was not our best idea, but we had SO much fun getting lost together. The ride was quite a climb, but the view was absolutely worth it!

Check out these amazing cliffs and waves!

After a day under the sun, it was time to get cleaned up and have a nice dinner together. Between working, hobbies, creating content, and traveling, it can be hard to find time to simply relax and enjoy each others’ company. Thomas and I spent time at the National Hotel’s Fireside. In the backyard of the hotel, you will find Adirondack chairs and nice fire pits for enjoyment. This is the perfect location for cocktails and appetizers before dinner.

To conclude our amazing day, we had a nice dinner, enjoyed drinks at local nearby pubs, walked around downtown, watched some “Mad Men” on our flat screen TV, and fell asleep to the sounds of the ocean waves.

It was an early rise on day two; We had to make the most of our short time here! Thomas and I woke up at 7 AM to surf and to capture some content before people would wake up and fill the streets of Block Island.


We enjoyed breakfast around 9:00 AM at the National Hotel’s lovely porch dining area. A yummy breakfast with an ocean view?! Does not get much better than this! If you are a guest of the National Hotel, you will receive complimentary breakfast options or $10 off the breakfast menu. I opted for the “National Omlete” and Thomas selected the buttermilk pancakes. Both were delicious! Omlettes are my go to breakfast option because of the high protein content.

Which option would you pick?


Thomas and I did some window shopping downtown, packed up our belongings, and rode our bikes around. Oh how I loved this downtown area!

We spent some time relaxing on the beach and grabbed a late lunch around 3 PM. Los Gatitos was the perfect stop with its outdoor dining as well as yummy Mexican food. After our late lunch, it was time for the trek back to the ferry port. Unfortunately,  the port was 1.5 miles away… with lots of hills!

We finally made it back to the ferry and boarded the boat for a 5 PM departure. Sadly, it was time to go home. We were sun kissed, salty, and tired… but our hearts were full of wanderlust and happiness. In my opinion, this feeling is what an adventure is all about. After our long drive home and a quick stop at Wendy’s drive through, we arrived back home at around 10 PM.

DSC01138 2

Block Island was unlike any other place I have visited. It is a tiny island off of the East Coast, yet full of adventure, views, and places to explore. The ocean was a lovely shade of blue and the cliffs made you feel so small and realize how insignificant your problems are. This world is SO beautiful, and I believe we can all benefit from getaways like this one.

If you are looking for a place to clear your head, a place full of history, exploration, and incredible views, I recommend Block Island and The National Hotel.

For more information on the National Hotel, please click HERE.


** This is a sponsored post; however, Rebecca only showcases brands and companies which she believes in and admires. This honest review of Block Island and the National was provided solely by the experience Rebecca had on her visit from September 16th-September 17th, 2018. **



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