Portland, Maine

Portland, Maine now holds a special place in my heart. This trip was my first solo road trip- a six hour drive from New Jersey. I planned and booked this trip less than a week in advanced and stayed in an awesome Airbnb in South Portland. This was a short two-night trip, but it was enough time to see all that I wanted and to explore the lovely downtown as well as two lighthouses.

Let’s start with the beautiful Airbnb! I found this awesome apartment for a great price, and I am so glad I did. It was perfect.

It was time to stretch after a 6 hour drive, and to get moving and grooving!


There were two key places on my “Must-See” List:

  1. Bug Light Park
  2. Portland Head Light

Fortunately, Bug Light Park was within walking distance to my apartment space. This park had a great field where people walked their dogs. Bug Lighthouse has a nice little trail around it and you can even walk onto the light house.

This area had lovely sunsets, and I made sure to watch the sunset here both nights.


Have you ever gone to a bar by yourself? I have taken myself out to eat before, but never sat at a bar by myself. It was exciting! My friend recommended J’s Oyster, so I headed to downtown Portland and grabbed myself a seat at the bar. I tried the lobster salad and it was delish! I met a few people all traveling alone and from different states. What a cool experience, honestly!



I made sure to get my work done while I was here, but after I finished my work it was adventure time! I love working remotely, because I can really focus on my work in blocked time and I had the coolest little office!


Day 2, I drove 11 minutes to Portland Head Light. This was a beautiful sight- coastal cliffs, blue skies, clear blue water. This is not something you see at the Jersey Shore.

Portland Light Park had a wonderful walking trail, where I walked around 3 miles. There were cool old abandoned buildings. (I need to research what they were…) It was a beautiful fall day, I honestly felt so at peace here.


It was an amazing lighthouse and the perfect day to explore the area.

These are all tripod photos by the way, gotta love self timer! (and No Shame November 😉 Hey if I want to be a solo travel blogger, I have to break out the tripod!)

After a day full of sunshine and exploring, I was hungry. I drove over to the historic Becky’s Diner. How ironic? Except, Becky is NOT a nickname of mine.

I had a chicken sandwich, and it was pretty good! I spent the rest of the day adventuring around downtown Portland and purchasing a $5 hat at a gift shop. I love the cobblestone streets and cute shops and restaurants. Portland is definitely my kind of city- it does not smell bad and it is super clean, unlike NY.

After a long day of adventuring, I called it a night. Thanks to Somsleep, I was able to fall asleep both nights. I often have difficulty falling asleep in beds that are not my own. I like my own bed, in my own room better than hotels, Airbnb’s, etc.

The next morning, I woke up bright and early and headed to the Holy Donut. This famous donut shop offers a variety of flavors all made with mashed potatoes! These donuts were delicious, and I picked some up for my family at home. I tried the dark chocolate cinnamon sugar and it was HEAVENLY.  Would you try a mashed potato donut?

After another 6 hour drive back home, I was tired yet so content. This was my first solo road trip adventure and I was so happy with my time there. I saw awesome lighthouses, a beautiful coastline, and experienced new foods and adventures.

Portland Maine, you hold a special place in my heart. I met a woman at J’s Oyster who told me that she comes back here alone once a year because it is just a place you want to return to, and I couldn’t agree more. I will definitely be back.


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