Mickey’s 90th Birthday!

The Man, The Myth, The Legend turned 90 years old and oh boy, did we celebrate it! Mickey Mouse is a true icon and a international symbol for Disney aka the Happiest Place on Earth!

Yesterday, my mother and I ventured into the big apple on opening weekend to see the one and only Mickey, in his new exciting “The True Original Exhibit.” Being the true Disney nerd that I am, I got these tickets back in September. The exhibit was super cute and to be honest, I am now looking into flights back to see the kingdom. (I know it has only been a few weeks since my last trip!)

ABC had a birthday party on tv for Mickey Mouse, but the celebrations did not stop there. The NYC exhibit showcased treasures from the history of the famous mouse and memories from the one and only Walt Disney. The immersive experience allowed guests to walk through and experience different pieces of art from “Steamboat Willie” to today.

The venue was extremely “instagrammable” and hashtags were encouraged…a little cheesy in my opinion, but you know I posted and will continue to post about this experience on my feed.

Of all the rooms, I believe the “Fantasia” room was my favorite. It was dark, but very cool. The music, lights, and displays really made a great sensory experience!

As a big fan of Walt Disney and a Disney dreamer/frequent visitor, I believe the museum was a cute way to celebrate 90 years of Mickey. I do wish there was a little bit more history or ways to tie in Walt Disney, Disney World, etc. I believe the focus was on making it “Instagrammable.” I personally feel that it could have included more history and less new art. The pieces of history were my favorite parts of the exhibit. Below you can see Walt Disney’s Oscar as well as his drawings.

Similar to the Museum of Ice Cream, they offered a little ice cream treat from “Apple Hills Creamery”! Two flavors were offered-a chocolate and a confetti cake. I opted for the chocolate, while Debi went for the confetti cake. Both were delicious and what a nice surprise!


The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse room was super cool! This room had Mouseketeers gear and showcased videos from the Mickey Mouse Club.

In the last room, there were Mickey souvenirs and memorabilia. I loved seeing these old plush, toys, and more, and realizing how Walt Disney’s big dream came a long way.

Overall, it was a fun experience and made for a great day with my Mom. It was a perfect transition back from my solo trip to Portland, Maine. After visiting the exhibit, I really just want to go back to Disney World. Mickey Mouse, you are a true icon and will continue to be for generations to come. Happy 90th, you sure do look great! 😉



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