Guilt-Free Pasta?

Do you LOVE pasta? Do you wish it was lower in carbs?

Well, your wish may be granted! On this Fitness Friday, yours truly partnered with Banza. This awesome company gifted me with some healthy recipes, chickpea pastas, and chickpea rice. This high fiber pasta is a delicious alternative for pasta-lovers and an exciting option for those who may not enjoy regular pasta but want a more flavorful dish.


So, what is the difference between chickpea pasta and regular pasta?

Chickpea pasta has a variety of benefits:

  1. Higher in Protein
  2. Higher in Fiber
  3. Fewer Net Carbs

With summer here, I have been trying to increase my fiber intake and lower my sugar intake. I strive to make healthy swaps whenever possible, and I enjoy sharing these tips with you on Fitness Fridays! According to Banza’s website (, Banza has 25g of protein, 13g of fiber, and 43g of net carbs. Average pasta has 13g of protein, 3g of fiber, and 71g of net carbs! The product line does not stop at plain pasta noodles; it includes rice to mac and cheese as well.

Just look at the macros for their macaroni and cheese verses the average mac and cheese:

IMG_1622 2

From mac & cheese to rice to noodles, Banza has options for every noodle/rice dish lover. Their website is full of fun recipes to try! I decided to make a simple recipe, as I am terrible at cooking.

Let’s get cookin’. I decided to spice up traditional Mac and cheese with some mushrooms. Yummy! Getting all the fiber today.

Here are the 6 Simple Steps for Mushroom Mac:

Step 1: Boil at least 6 cups of water

Step 2: Add shells and cook for around 5 minutes. Optional: Add mushrooms (I used shiitake) to the shells. Make sure to wash the mushrooms.


Step 3: In a separate warm pan, add cheese packet and low-fat milk.

IMG_1623 2

Step 4: Drain & rinse the shells & shrooms.

Step 5: Add the cheese to the shells and stir.

Step 6: Enjoy!

For more recipes, please click HERE

I hope you enjoyed learning more about this guilt-free pasta option. To purchase Banza products, visit their website or your local grocery store. I pick up their pasta at Wegman’s all the time! If you enjoyed this post, please leave a comment. Interested in more healthy options? Please see my post on non-dairy ice cream pints here or what to have for lunch here.


Banza gifted me with their products; however this article is not sponsored by Banza. I am not an expert. Please consume this information at your own risk.



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