Luxury Roses that Last a YEAR


Let’s be real ladies, we want flowers… but we do not want to ask for flowers. We want to be surprised to receive them, maybe even throw in an “Oh my goodness are these for me?! You shouldn’t have! But I’m so glad you did!”

Ladies, gentlemen (cough Thomas cough), if you want make someone’s day or if you want to go above and beyond for that special someone, you should pick up a bouquet of these bad boys from @rosierfleur


Flowers are a great gift. Life gets stressful at times, why not send someone a gift that keeps on giving all year long?! These roses smell lovely, come in a variety of colors, and will last an entire year.

My blue luxury real roses have a special place on my desk and will remind me to stop and smell the flowers on stressful days. Let’s just say I do NOT have a green thumb, so the no maintenance feature really comes in handy.

Well, I hope you treat someone special to a bouquet soon or hey why not treat yourself!?



this post was written in collaboration with Rosier Fleur. Flowers were gifted.


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