Social Media Detox & Unfollow Tips

When was your last social media break?

I stepped away from my phone this weekend. I spent some time in my head, surrounded myself with friends and family, and enjoyed nature.

Just as people say you are the 5 people you spend the most time with, I believe that idea goes along with social media as well. I believe the content you consume can impact your emotions and feelings. Consuming toxic content can lead to negative feelings including jealousy, regret, etc. When we are absorbing content, we need to be conscious of who’s content and just how much content we are absorbing. Over the years, I have learned to hit that “unfollow” button and to spend time absorbing inspirational content that helps me stay in my own lane.

While I am no expert on the topic, here are some tips/reasons to hit unfollow:

  1. Feelings of jealousy: This is hard to believe and you’ll probably roll your eyes, but I rarely exhibit feelings of jealousy. I have always been my own toughest critic and tend to judge myself from within rather than comparison, which triggered the whole eating issue, etc. This is NOT the case for some people I know, and that is okay. If you experience jealousy when you are on the app, simply hit unfollow. I do not believe it is anything to be ashamed about, but constant feelings of jealousy when you see someone post is not good for your own health.
  2. Boring content: If you are not inspired, entertained, or evoked, you may want to hit the unfollow button. You are spending time out of your precious LIFE absorbing content… think about that. You want the content you consume to encourage, inspire, and somehow teach you or help you grow. Surround yourself with good quality content, not boring content.
  3. You’re over it: If you are absorbing “look at me” content which appears to be constant brags, hit the unfollow button. I see this frequently on the app, where I questioned why I followed in the first place. I believe creators need to provide value and not strive for attention/love. This is why I have been making a conscious effort with microblogs and providing value. If you are absorbing content that appears to be constant brags or “look how much fun I am having,” you may want to reconsider following these accounts.

While I am no expert on this topic either, here are some tips/reasons to step away from your phone:

  1. To live in reality: The internet is full of highlight reels, photoshopped images, and amazing adventures. Reality may not be like this, and you know what? That’s not necessarily a bad thing. There are people who are living the “dream life” you believe them to, and they are unhappy, lonely, or depressed. I value time offline to remember all I should be grateful for- the bigger picture. My health, family, relationships, pet, nature, and activities should be treasured, not overlooked.
  2. To set life goals: Living on the ‘gram and scroll addictions can be so real. It is important to take a step back and see the app for what it is.. an APP, not a way of life. While it is important to use the app when growing a personal brand, business, etc… goals and plans need to be set and adhered to. When you are planning your life, think about the valuable time you have, and try not to spend too much time scrolling on an app.
  3. To make plans: Adventure is out there; here’s an idea: LIVE IT and breathe it, instead of sharing it in the moment or absorbing other peoples’ adventures via picture and video.

Over the weekend, I stepped away from the phone and really thought about how I want to utilize my time on these platforms. Life is too short and precious to consume content that does not fulfill me, or to produce content that does not help others.

My goal is to post meaningful content that aligns with the messages I want to convey, and to absorb content that inspires me (and makes me laugh).  Taking a step back really helped me understand where I want to go. Best of luck with your social media detox!


I am not an expert. Please use and consume content at your own risk.

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