Smoothies for Skincare?


Yours truly partnered with Fytt Beauty to showcase their new face smoothies- Gain Strength and Hit Restart.

With all natural ingredients, I was very excited to give them a try! I love a good face mask, I mean who doesn’t? You get to take some time for you, improve your skin, and feel refreshed after.

Here are a few (kind of embarrassing) videos sharing more info:

The steps are simple and quick!

  1. Wash your face. I actually took a shower just before this so I was ready to go!
  2. Apply to your skin/massage it in for 2-3 mins.
  3. Dance party:

4. Rinse your face and you’re good to go!

My face feels super smooth and hydrated after using Gain Strength. You can use these smoothies together or separately, on just your face or all over your entire body.

For more information, click here.  Use code “becsea20” for a discount! 🙂


I am not an expert, use information at your own risk.


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