Water Lantern Festival Recap

Over the weekend, Thomas treated me to a date night in Jersey City. We started the night at Surf City bar, before it closed for the season.


ps.. how does he always look so cute!?

We had some beers, ate some burgers, and then headed to the Water Lantern Festival at Liberty State Park. This was my first lantern festival, so I did not know what to expect. The energy alone was well-worth it.

As we pulled up, we realized just how massive of an event it was. There were so many people from all over here to celebrate the night. We checked in and received wristbands and backpacks containing our lanterns and markers to decorate. IMG_6551 copy.jpg

We sat down on our picnic blanket, and decorated our lanterns. I chose two words that mean a lot to me:

-Gratitude (grateful for where I am at, excited for where I will go)

-Believe (I have worn a ring that says “believe” since I was 15)


I looked over to see what Thomas was drawing, and I melted. 71133817_10156993203574091_2579809515507548160_n.jpg

We headed to the water, overlooking the NYC skyline and released the lanterns.


The energy, the vibes, the sight, was all so beautiful! Thomas and I hung out for a while and watched the lanterns float around.

We headed home feeling gratitude and happiness. It was a lovely night.


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