Ultimate Guide to Block Island


Picture this: It’s the last week of summer. You embark on a sunny long car ride followed by a crisp ferry ride. There is a cozy room waiting for you with an oceanfront view. You sip on a glass of wine and watch a beautiful sunset…

…this is life at The National Hotel in Block Island.


Block Island is beautiful little piece of paradise located just off the coast of Rhode Island and New York. If you have been following/reading along with me, you may remember this hotel collaboration from last year. I am SO grateful for the opportunity to return for another stay. Thomas and I have only visited once before, yet the National feels like home and Block Island seems like a tradition. This ultimate guide will showcase our entire experience and share how you too can explore this amazing place.

Let’s get started!


Last week, Thomas and I received the OK to embark on this spontaneous adventure. We drove from New Jersey to Rhode Island and boarded the high speed Block Island ferry. Tickets can be purchased in advance or at the ticket window. We opted for the ticket window, as we were unsure if we would make it on time. (Point Judith is a four hour ride from New Jersey, with unpredictable traffic through NJ and NY). The world seemed to be on our side that day, as we made it on the ferry just in time with two round trip tickets + surfboard passes! (Thomas has to bring his boards with him… and they say girls overpack!)IMG_6919.JPG

Unfortunately, yours truly gets seasick. This half-hour ferry ride was quite rough with some winds; let’s just say that I was SO relieved as we approached the island. As the ferry pulled up to the dock, we saw the beautiful timeless National Hotel. 


Amanda was waiting for us with a smile on her face as always! We received our room key and unpacked our belongings in our quaint, vintage room on the third floor. With views of the ocean, a cozy bed, and a friendly greeting from the hotel staff, what more can you ask for?


Oh wait yes, sunset! It was time to head to the beach to see the ocean at sunset. The air was crisp and felt like fall. We were so happy to be back here again. 



We were also hungry. (…what else is new?) We walked to the Poor People’s Pub for a casual dinner. While this may seem like a random stop, we actually visited this pub last time and it has become apart of the Block Island tradition. On our last trip, Thomas made a friend who works there; she insisted that we visit this restaurant/bar. After stopping in the Poor People’s Pub, we realized why it was a must do in Block Island. While the food and beers on tap are enjoyable, the Poor People’s Pub has a casual relaxed vibe away from the hustle of downtown.

After a long day, we listened to the sounds of the ocean and fell asleep.

I woke up to this view full of gratitude and ready for adventure!



We ate a delicious breakfast on the porch at the National. If you stay at the National, you will receive a voucher for a free continental breakfast or $10 off each breakfast entrée. We treated ourself to the National omelette and buttermilk pancakes (made with honey butter). “Tried and true”, as Thomas would say, they were just as delicious as we remembered.








With full bellies, it was time to explore!

First stop: moped rental. Since we visited in the off season, the mopeds were available at a discounted price. Typically, mopeds run for $45 + an hour. Since Thomas has a motorcycle, we were very fortunate to receive a great deal on a two-hour rental.




From the cliffs to the lighthouse to the wildlife reserve, this cute little moped took us all around the island. Check out all these amazing views:








We saw a couple set up a picnic with some wine and cheese along the coastline. They definitely had the right idea!

Here are our top 3 places to visit:

  • Mohegan Bluffs
  • South East Lighthouse
  • Block Island National Wildlife Refuge

I even made a friend while exploring…


Before dinner, we set aside some time for Thomas to surf and for me to work on my content creation. My creativity flowed as I listened to the sounds of the ocean and felt the salty ocean air.

IMG_7265 2


The National has a lovely fireside terrace where guests can enjoy the outdoors around cozy fire pits. This is a must-see on your trip!



Thomas and I had a nice romantic dinner on the porch at the National. We enjoyed some signature cocktails and delightful entrees. Thomas chose the lobster roll and I opted for the salmon salad. It was delicious and nutritious! I enjoy selecting healthier options with lots of fiber and protein.

IMG_7287 2.jpgDSC_0462.jpgIMG_7291 2.jpg

Trips always seem to come and go so fast, don’t they? We enjoyed our last night listening to the sounds of the ocean and feeling the crisp air against our faces on the porch of the National. We were so grateful and happy, yet there is always that end of trip sadness that creeps in when you have to leave a destination soon. We felt that, too.


The next day, we boarded the Block Island ferry and headed back home. After a 30 minute ferry ride and five hour drive (thank you NY traffic), we arrived back home.

Block Island holds a special place in our hearts. If you visit this magic island, you might understand this feeling. From the historic energy to the coastal views, this place is an absolute adventure!

Until next time…





This is a sponsored post; however, Rebecca only showcases brands and companies which she believes in and admires. This honest review of Block Island and the National was provided solely by the experience Rebecca had on her recent visit in September 2019. Consume content at your own risk. 


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