Ultimate Lash Lift Q&A

So, you may not recognize me with my new fancy eyelashes…

Yesterday, I partnered with Dolce Derma in Clifton NJ to showcase the Ultimate Lash Lift!

This skincare facility is cute, clean, and provides a variety of services from facials to eyelash extensions. When I arrived, I was greeted by Dolce herself. She opened this location just three months ago! Dolce performed an ultimate lash lift on yours truly, and today I am completing a Q&A with some of your questions! I am NOT an expert, but hopefully this post helps you decide if you are interested in this treatment.


Let’s start general:963BE67E-2190-4A30-8A26-58632B9DC5DF.JPG

For more information, please click here.

Q: What does the process look like?

A: The ultimate lash lift is a simple, easy process.

  • First, you remove your make up.


  • Second, you relax for about 45 mins while Dolce completes the treatment. This treatment includes a botox serum to strengthen and condition the lashes.


  • Third, you enjoy your curled and tinted lashes for 4-8 weeks! You can not get your lashes wet or use mascara for 24 hours.


The before and after was quite impressive:



Q: How much is it and how long does it last?!

A: The ultimate lash lift costs $100 at Dolce Derma Salon. It lasts 4-8 weeks!

Q: Is it painful or annoying during the process?

A: To be honest, I did experience some discomfort throughout the process but no pain. The lashes are being pulled up, so I did feel a pull on the lashes. Dolce talks you through the entire experience, so you know exactly what is happening.

Q: What is the maintenance required?

A: There is little maintenance required. Aside from having to wait to wash your lashes/use mascara, the treatment really works on its own. Dulce provides you with a comb to help shape the lashes and you are on your way! I enjoy that I can get the treatment again after it wears off, or I do not have to. There is no additional meeting required after the treatment is completed.

I hope you found this Q&A helpful. If you are in the area, I hope you will look into Dulce Derma.


I am not an expert. Please use information at your own risk. This is a collaboration with Dulce Derma in Clifton NJ.



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