Lessons from September


Just like this year so far, this month flew by. September came and went, and left lessons along the way.

Here are just a few:

  1. “Time spent rationalizing the mediocre could be spent creating the magnificent” – Jen Sincero Once I really opened my eyes to this ONE SHOT WE HAVE AT LIFE I started viewing things differently. “Dealing” with the current situation because it’s tolerable and “normal” is much easier than taking a risk, stepping out of a comfort zone, and creating another path. There is no set timeline to this life, only what society has embedded in our brains. We really do not have to stick around in that situation. Unhappy with your current situation? Change it, do not just try to justify it in your head. With each day comes a chance to do something magnificent… why not today? 
  2. I am grateful for where I am at and excited for where I’ll go, but I do need to enjoy the now and BREATHE. I need at least 1 day off a week for my mind and body to stay healthy. If it’s not a “hell yes,” it’s a no in business, adventures, events, etc. I learned to say “HELL YES” to things that excite me, and respectfully no to all the rest. Time is valuable, I will never be this young again. I have to enjoy 25 while I can.
  3. Get outside! Personally, I thrive in warmer weather and I need to enjoy these warm days before it becomes too cold in New Jersey. Nature is good for the soul. Fresh air is good for head space. Walks are good for the body.

September really seemed to fly by, but I am looking forward to October and all the fall festivities that come with it.

What did you learn from September? What are you looking forward to in October?



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