Sand Free Beach Towels?!

(Disclaimer: this is a gifted collaboration in partnership with Tesalate towels.)

Do you love being near the ocean but hate having a sandy towel? 

Do you enjoy picnics by the sea but can not stand sand in your sandwich? 

Do you constantly have to help your girlfriend fix her towel as she’s trying to relax oceanside? (that one was for Thomas) 

Well, you are in luck because I found a SAND FREE BEACH TOWEL! The perfect gift for the beach lover, traveler, or for yourself!

Proudly designed in Australia, Tesalate makes sand free beach towels in a variety of designs and sizes.

Sounds like magic, huh?

Tesalate’s trademark fabric is designed to keep the sand out, while being ultra absorbent, rapid-drying, and compact.

Tesalate gifted me their “Into the Wild” towel for two. This towel is great from the boho design to it’s large size! It makes the perfect picnic towel for two.


Thomas and I spend so much time at the beach- from surfing trips to summers at the Jersey Shore. We constantly struggle with sandy towels- both of us love the beach, but do not love being super sandy. We were searching for a way to solve this issue, and Thomas actually showed me this brand. I knew I had to partner with them and spread the word to you all!

Long gone are the days of carrying sandy towels on your beach adventures. From unique designs to functionality, Tesalate towels can be used poolside, oceanside, on trips, or for yoga! It’s the holiday season, and this towel also makes a unique and useful gift.

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