Christmas Time in NYC

Once a year, I make Thomas go to NYC to see the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree. It is a favorite tradition of mine. Thomas and I are not big fans of NYC; however, we end up having a great day together enjoying the views and the food.

On Sunday, we drove to the train station and embarked on our journey. Here are a few tidbits when visiting NYC during the holiday season:

  1. Chances are it will be crowded. Fortunately, the crowds were no where near as crazy as they have been in the past! Typically, we go on Saturday’s so maybe Sunday is the better day to go? Regardless, remember that you are heading into a tourist location and expect lots of people.
  2. Dress warm. It is chilly in NYC this time of year and the buildings seem to work as a wind tunnel. Come prepared with hats, gloves, etc.
  3. Be conscious of your surroundings. It is important to stay in safe areas and be conscious of where you are and when. Thomas follows along the route I plan in advance and we move through the city that way. It is also a good idea to travel with a buddy. I decided to skip bringing a bag the year, and put my necessities in my pockets. STAY SAFE and keep track of your belongings.
  4. Plan your dining in advance. Do you want to go to a specific popular restaurant? Make a reservation ahead of time. This goes along with step 1.


When we visit, there are a few must-sees on our list!

  1. The tree
  2. The jumbo ornaments & lights
  3. Saks Fifth Ave window displays
  4. Macy’s “Believe” Sign

It appeared the lights above the window displays were having some technical difficulties, but it was still pretty!



This year, Thomas and I switched up our restaurant of choice. After listening to the Skinny Confidential podcast, I absolutely HAD to try a Belcampo burger. We visited the NYC location and loved it. Best burger ever! Pricey, but worth it!


Overall, it was another great trip to see the tree. We listened to Christmas music on the ride home to get in the spirit even more. Wishing you a wonderful holiday season!


I am not an expert. Please use information at your own risk.

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