2020 Mindset & Resolutions

As I clean my desk, organize my new planner, and listen to the Skinny Confidential Podcast ft. Ed Mylett, I begin to feel extremely motivated for the new year. Though I am slightly hungover, I am determined not to let that slow me down today. I think it is important to take a day to breathe, organize your plans, and set the foundation for the year. This year, my resolutions look slightly different than I anticipated. Typically, I set numerical goals or plans because that is how my mind usually works. This year, I am focusing on bigger picture.


2020 is a new decade and a new chance to experience the change of seasons. The possibilities are endless and I think this can be overwhelming or discouraging but also super exciting and motiving. Friendly reminder that people do not film themselves on their tough days or showcase the bad times. What you see on social media is a highlight reel, and you should not compare your life to any one else (including mine).


For 2020, I decided to focus on a growth plan… but I also want to just be present.


Here are my resolutions for this new year:

  • Be more present. Engage in deeper conversation. Spend time with family and friends. Do not be in a rush to get things done- and do not spread yourself too thin. This way, I can be present in situations without worrying about a packed schedule.
  • Create more and push boundaries. I will create more meaningful content that provides value to my audience. I will also create more videos and creative photography that allows me to challenge myself and push myself to the limit.
  • Change of scenery. I will travel to new places, explore more, and feel free.
  • Stay in my own lane. I will focus on my dreams, goals, plans. As selfish as that sounds, I will focus on me and keep my blinders on. I will not value others opinions of what I am doing-that is none of my business. I will surround myself with good friends, family, and a positive environment.
  • Make time for me. Whether its running, working out, journaling, getting massages, listening to podcasts, or hiking, I will make time to be me. I will trust myself and keep the promises I make myself.


So there ya have it. My list does not consist of a number on the scale, social media follower count, or monetary value. It consists of making these promises to myself and keeping them.

Wishing you an amazing 2020!


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