3 Productivity Hacks

Take a seat, let’s chat.

For many of us, it is time to get back to the grind! For yours truly, that means A LOT of work…I like to keep busy, but I also need time in my schedule to decompress. One of my resolutions for 2020 is to be present. I need to be as productive as possible, so I can enjoy the moments when I am not working. While I am not an expert on the matter, I have definitely improved my personal time management skills and would like to send some hacks your way.

  1. The Ivy Lee Method: This method is famously-known and super helpful. Essentially, it consists of setting a to do list with 6 tasks to be completed. These 6 tasks are to be established at the end of the work day, and are to be listed in order of importance. I do this at the end of every day (because I technically work every single day). The next morning, I am ready to conquer my list. I include items such as workouts, creative content time, etc.
  2. Time Batching: You may have heard of this popular term before! Time batching is essentially taking time slots to complete specific tasks. Let’s use this example: your to do list includes answering emails. When using the time batching technique, you set aside a designated time slot solely to answer emails. Set a timer for one hour, answer emails within that time frame, and then you are DONE. Do not answer emails before or after this hour, and do not interrupt this hour with other tasks. This level of focus may be difficult at first, but I have found it very rewarding.
  3. Turn your phone on airplane. Ok, I know this may not be realistic in certain circumstances. If you are working on tasks that do not require your cell phone, I find it extremely helpful to set the phone on airplane mode. This way, I am able to focus on the tasks I am completing without distractions. I seem to get more accomplished in the long run.

Hopefully, these productivity hacks will help as you get back to the grind of the work day. I have found that when I am more productive, I feel good and I am able to enjoy my time off! I feel less rushed and ready to conquer each day.

Let’s make 2020 our most productive year yet! 


Photography by Christina Meerloo.https://www.instagram.com/meerloophotography/


  1. theinkwarrior

    “Plans don’t work unless you do!”
    This post is indeed useful! I hope 2020 brings out the best of us🔥
    Thanks for the tips 🙏🙂
    Wish you an enriching year ahead! ☺😇

    Stay blessed! ☺💛
    -theinkwarrior ✒


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