Remember your Why

“Whenever you’re doing something even slightly outside the lane; you’re stuck asking yourself what the f*** the lane is so easy” – @garyvee

Today’s thoughts stem from Gary Vee’s podcast episode featuring the man who trekked across Antarctica (and did a lot of other epic things) @colinobrady 💭 I listened to it on a drive today, and it sparked the writing of this blog post. In fact, I took notes via voice memo while driving.

As someone who works and runs a small business, occasionally I find myself stressed and questioning from time to time:

  • Why do I do this to myself?
  • Why do I spend weekends hustling?
  • Why can’t I just stick with the status quo?

Then I remember my why. ⬇️
I was never attracted to the status quo lifestyle. I was not always invited to parties growing up, so I decided to have my own… on here with you.

If something I write resonates with someone, then it is all worth it. It’s because I have this internal craving for more, and that’s what keeps me going. Some people may look at @colinobrady ‘s story and say “why would you do that?” But to me it’s clear- he found his why and his mindset helped him get there. Why would Gary Vee spend time creating content instead of focusing on his own business? Why am I working so much and building a business? This internal gut feeling combined with the right mindset is the why… You just know you have to, and that’s why you do it.

Challenges and obstacles are how we grow. Become the best version of you and show others it’s possible too.


ps. I am as cold as I look in this picture lol can’t do the no coat thing like @garyvee oh and you can catch more about @colinobrady on @msrachelhollis podcast too!




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