Part 2: Finding Your Why

Welcome to part 2 of the 3 part branding series; today, we are going to discuss Finding Your Why.

If you missed part 1, here is the link. Please review and catch up before proceeding with this post.  

Finding your why is essential in developing and maintaining a personal brand. Your why provides a meaning to every single piece of content you produce, every comment you make, every follower you gain, etc. It stems back to the core reason of why you care about your personal brand in the first place.

We know I love exercises, so let’s take out a pen and paper and jot down what first comes to mind when you read these questions:

  1. How would my friends and family describe me?
  2. What are 3 words I would like to be described as?
  3. How can I provide VALUE? How can I contribute and serve others?
    1. What do I know a lot about?
    2. What am I good at?
    3. What am I interested in?
  4. What am I willing to learn more about?
  5. Why are you reading this blog post? 

I recently dove into these questions and had a revelation- I enjoy photography and writing, and I know a great deal about social media after working from both the brand and influencer side. I receive quite a few messages daily on social media, photography, blogging, etc. I immediately thought to myself: “This is how I can serve and provide value! This is how I can help!”

Some may ask… why would I take time to do this?

Here is why I spend so much time connecting on social media and sharing my information with the world: I strive to educate, entertain, and evoke emotions because I was never attracted to a status quo lifestyle. I was not always invited to parties growing up- I dealt with mean girls, bullying, and feeling like an outsider. I decided to have my own party online, with my audience. It’s an internal gut feeling- I need to do this.

Very early on, you will realize that your personal brand is actually more about those consuming your content than it is about you. This shows the importance of remembering your why, and answering this question of: why do you want to serve and provide value?

Still stumped? Here are a few examples:

  • If you run a business, you might want to inspire others that it is possible to do it too!
  • If you are good at drawing, you might want to share your behind the scenes with the world to inspire others to give it a try. 
  • If you went through a hardship, you might want to connect with others to create a network of people who have been through similar situations (a support group)

In order to have a successful personal brand that truly connects with your readers, this question must be answered. Take some time to think about it, but if the answer is not clear thats okay- if you just know that you have to do it, you just know. 

This blog post dives deeper into a previous post titled, “remember your why. “ Another great read as you grow through your personal branding journey!

Hope you enjoyed part 2, see you at the next one!



I am not an expert. Use/consume information at your own risk.





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