5 Tips for Working from Home

TIPS FOR WORKING FROM HOME  (Loungwear Gifted @felinaintimates)

I have only worked jobs that are partly work from home or full time work from home, so I have a lot of experience with this style of work With many businesses offering remote work right now, I believe it is a great time to discuss this important topic and to share some tips on how to stay on track with your work schedule.

  1. Develop a Routine: Set your alarm, make your bed, list 5 things you are grateful for (big believer in gratitude lists) and start your day! This really helps me stay in the right mindset. 
  2. Have a healthy breakfast. (If breakfast is not your thing, then skip this one) I enjoy making myself a nice healthy breakfast in the morning. This includes kodiak pancakes, fresh fruit, oatmeal, or a protein bar.
  3. Get productive with to do lists! Have you heard of the Ivy Lee Method? Everyday, I make a work to do list and a personal to do list. The work list gets done first, and then after my work day I start on my personal to do list. This helps me stay on top of my tasks.
  4. Enjoy your lunch break at a set time each day. You can show support for small local restaurants during this time by ordering takeout!
  5. Exercise! Getting a daily workout in has really helped me stay fit and increases my focus. I am more productive when I get a good walk/run in after work. This helps me reset for the remainder of my day. I love at home workouts on YouTube but fresh air has been super helpful as well! 

Bonus: Get yourself some cute loungewear. I am loving this set from felina intimates I can wear this cute set while working and then on a nice walk outside! 


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