5 Tips for Working from Home

With many businesses offering remote work opportunities, now is great time to share 5 tips for working from home.

In the past, I have worked entirely remote positions and currently, I work partially remote as well as in the field. While I am not an expert, I have learned quite a bit about work remotely. Whether you are currently working remotely, you are new to work from home, or you are interested in exploring remote opportunities, these tips and tricks can help you stay on track and learn more about a potential work from home lifestyle.

Here are 5 tips for Working from Home: 

One: Develop a Morning Routine

Set your alarm, make your bed, list 5 things you are grateful for, and start your day! I am a believer that daily gratitude lists can really help to put you in a positive mindset as well as a proactive state. When you check your phone in the morning, you are immediately putting your mind in a reactive state. You may find yourself answering emails and text messages, rather than getting started on your day and your plans for the day. If you are interested in trying a 21-day Gratitude Challenge, click here. 

Photo by Rachel Claire on Pexels.com

Two: Have a healthy breakfast.

I enjoy making myself a nice healthy breakfast in the morning. This includes Kodiak pancakes, fresh fruit, oatmeal, eggs, avocado toast, or a low-carb low-sugar high-protein bar. Give your body the fuel it needs to power through your morning!

Photo by Taryn Elliott on Pexels.com

Three: Be productive with to do lists!

Have you heard of the Ivy Lee Method? Everyday, I make a work to do list and a personal to do list. The work list gets done first. After my work day, I start on my personal to do list. This helps me stay on top of my tasks. For more productivity hacks, click here.

Four: Enjoy your lunch break at a set time each day.

Lunch breaks are important to refresh your mind and fuel your body as you head into the second half of your work day. During my lunch, I enjoy listening to a podcast or reading from my Kindle. I often review some creative pins from Pinterest including recipes, motivational quotes, and fun fashion finds. As a bonus, you can show support for small local restaurants during this time by ordering takeout!

Five: Exercise!

Working out daily has really helped me stay fit and more focused. I am more productive when I get a good walk/run in after work. This helps me reset for the remainder of my day. I love at home workouts on YouTube but fresh air has been super helpful as well! I highly recommend getting some sunshine after work and going on a nice walk.

Bonus: Get yourself some cute loungewear. I am loving these loungewear pieces gifted from felina intimates I can wear them while working and after on a nice walk outside! (gifted collaboration)

Whether you are currently working from home or exploring a remote career opportunity, I hope you find this article useful. Overall, setting a routine has helped tremendously. The structure and time allocation allows me to get my work done with minimal distractions while enjoying the freedom and flexibility that comes with not having a commute.

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