Appreciate the Good

I learned a new word, called “fika.” Today, I want to remind you to appreciate the good.

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Thomas and I took a trip to one of the few open NJ beaches. There was a decent amount of people out enjoying the Spring weather, and yes, we all maintained safe distancing. On the way down the shore, we stopped at Surf Taco (a Jersey Shore must). We picked up our order as dine in is not available. We continued our drive, and saw many people riding bicycles and going on walks. Many businesses were closed, but it did not feel abnormal as the shore towns are fairly empty before Memorial Day weekend.


We arrived, and pulled the truck onto the beach. Thomas and I enjoyed our delicious Surf Taco.


We built a small bonfire and set up chairs. Thomas went out surfing. I chatted with an older man, who appeared to be a photographer. He had a giant camera and tried to snap some pictures of Thomas catching some waves out there.


I wore my classic denim jacket and my sandy checkered vans. I was chilly, but the salty air felt good.

I honestly forgot about all that was going on for a few hours. It was just Thomas and me and the sea. It felt like the usual springtime beach trips.


It felt good to just be. To sit in my beach chair, to breathe in and out, and to just enjoy. 

The car ride home was the same as usual- blasting some music and singing along.

Then we pulled back into our town, and I could have cried in that moment. I was reminded of the dark businesses without their lights on and faced with the reality that life was not back to normal.

My internal pep talk of brighter days ahead held me together.

Imagine yourself sitting on the sand.

Repeat after me: “There are brighter days ahead. Things will get better, just breathe.” 

Today, I want to remind you to just breathe and just be. Though we are in a time of uncertainty, we will pull through. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Take time to slow down and appreciate the good things in life. 







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