5 Steps to Bring Normalcy to Your Day

I debated this post for a while…I am sensitive to the current situation, but I also want to provide any value that I can to help ease your worries and stay positive.  Here are 5 Steps to Bring Normalcy to Your Day:

  • Step 1: Wake up at a decent time. I automatically get up around 6:30/7 AM, make my gratitude list, eat breakfast, and start my Ivy Lee method for the day. Click here for 3 productivity hacks. 
  • Step 2: Get a workout in. Following a new workout program has really helped me through this situation. It helps me set a goal and stick with it, and it gives me a sense of routine. Click here for some at home workouts!
  • Step 3: Outline your goals and plans. Now is a great time to get started on a business or idea that you have been sitting on. What are you going to use this free time to accomplish? Does your social media need a facelift? Want to start a website?Questions about branding? (ps. I offer services on this if you are interested!) Are you working from home? Here are a few tips!
  • Step 4: Pick up that new hobby you have been dying to try. Knitting? Crochet? Scrapbooking? Take time to do mindless activities that get you away from a screen for a while. How about practicing self care? 
  • Step 5: Step away from the news and social media daily. I am not saying to be uninformed, but I find myself in a better headspace when I limit the news and social media time.

Bonus, and possibly most important is ROUTINE. I can not stress this enough- especially if you are a planner personality like me. By setting a routine, we can move about and feel a sense of normalcy. I will be honest, I have yet to be bored during this time. I have been keeping very busy moving towards my goals, and it makes this time go by quickly.

Yes, this is a tough time but I am confident that we will overcome this and come out stronger than before. I am thinking of you, and I am here for you. I am not an expert. These steps work for me, and I hope they help you as we move through this period of uncertainty.



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