3 Beginner Meditations

Do you wonder if it would be possible for you to meditate? Do you question if it could help you? As a meditation newbie myself, I am sharing 3 Beginner Meditations today from my Tone it Up girls!

background balance beach boulder
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Meditation has really helped me cope with all the changes right now. I am a planner by nature, I crave structure and routine. With the social distancing and unknown future ahead, I find myself feeling overwhelmed and anxious at times. Meditation has helped relax my mind and center myself.

Occasionally, I just wake up in a slump. This happened on Easter morning:

Part of this self care routine included meditation. I completed this mood booster meditation and it really helps me get in a positive mindset.

Sometimes, I feel like I need an extra push. I am working towards my dreams and goals; however, there are moments when I need to get my mindset in the right place. I need momentum. This meditation is great for those times:

Lastly, its time to open our hearts and find positivity.  This meditation is quick, but helps in opening your heart and getting in a positive mindset.


I hope you find these quick beginner meditations helpful as we navigate through these uncertain times. I am not an expert; however, these routines helped me. In case meditation is not your thing, here are some additional self care practices:

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