3 Social Media Tips

With social media becoming more popular as we spend time at home, it is a great time to work on your social channels. Today, I am sharing 3 social media tips to help take your accounts to the next level.

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Photo by Cristian Dina on Pexels.com

With my  experience as a social media marketing manager as well as a content creator and lifestyle blogger, I have learned quite a bit about social media. This ever-evolving industry is constantly keeping us on our toes, but I have found there are a few ideas that have not changed.

3 social media tips

Let me elaborate:

  1. Provide value in each piece of content. Believe it or not, your content is not about you. It is about your consumer. You must serve your audience and provide value.
  2. Engage authentically. “Cute! Love it! Awesome. Nice! Same” do not help build a relationship with your followers/potential new followers.
  3. It is about community. When it comes to business-If you can not sell to 50 people, you can not sell to 50k people. Appreciate the following you have-these are your people!

I hope you find these quick 3 social media tips helpful. While spending time on social can be a good thing, it is also important to balance your social media time.

If you find yourself overwhelmed with social media, click here for some detox and unfollow tips. 


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