SAVE on Skincare with Glo Esthetics Direct

In a time where self-care routines are crucial and accessibility to affordable options is scarce, this new service saves the day and your wallet. Today, we discuss how to SAVE on Skincare with Glo Esthetics Direct.

*This post was written in collaboration with Glo Esthetics Direct. As always, opinions are my own. *
Allow me to first introduce you to Tim and Coralie (Corey) Palek, the owners of Glo Esthetics, a Medical Spa located in Bedminster NJ. To compliment their brick and mortar business, they recently launched a new retail service called Glo Esthetics Direct.
Corey and Tim, Owners of Glo Esthetics

Corey states, “Everything I have ever done with Glo has been about helping women realize their true beauty. Thus, re-establishing their confidence. I do not believe in promoting a false sense of self, or drastically altering appearance. I tell women all the time “I am not here to change you, just remind you who you are”. I have always emphasized the critical importance of a good skincare regimen as foundation to any additional treatments/injectables. Therefore, it seems very natural to add retail skincare items to the business. However, I wanted to do it in such a way that I could get medical grade products into as many women’s hands as possible. At the end of the day my goal is supplying the tools to restore confidence, because confidence is beauty.”

Skincare deals texted to your cell phone!

Glo Esthetics Direct was created with two principle ideas in mind: simplicity and price.

1.  Simplicity: The process is very simple. After registration is completed: User simply replies to a text message to purchase products. The credit card on file will be charged, and the products will be shipped.
2. Price: Coralie’s core ethos in her business has always been about helping women feel beautiful and she is trying to get the products in the hands as many women as possible. This is why she prices all of the retail products at Glo Esthetics below MSRP.
SAVE on high end skincare like Obagi and more!
Overall, the goal was to create the absolute simplest way for women to purchase high end medical grade skincare products, at a discount. None of the products shared on this service will be priced at full MSRP. It even features brands such as Obagi, Skinmedica, Isclinical among others.

Are you ready to get started for FREE? Only one step is required to register for this beneficial service:

To sign up, users simply visit and register by entering shipping and credit card info. Once enrolled, users get weekly and bi-weekly deals on medical grade skincare products texted directly to their cell phone! To purchase the discounted product, simply send a text back and the credit card on file will be charged. These products will be shipped out from the office.
It is clear how much Corey and Tim truly care about sharing high quality skincare at an affordable price point in an easily accessible way. With self-care practices on the rise as we brave this period of uncertainty, there is no better time to start a skincare routine that fits your lifestyle. The no pressure system with affordable pricing is simple to use for ladies on a budget.
For more information and to sign up visit  TODAY.
This post was written in collaboration with Glo Esthetics. 
Glo Esthetics 364 Main St, Suite 200B Bedminster, NJ 07921. For more information, click here. 


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