5 FREE Photo Editing Apps

Revamp your instagram feed with these 5 FREE Photo Editing Apps!

Yours truly has plenty of experience using a variety of apps to spice up my photography. Today, I am sharing my 5 most frequently used FREE photo editing apps. The interfaces are easy to use and can really make a difference in your images.

  1. VSCO: Channel your inner VSCO girl by using the VSCO filters. Many are free; however, you can purchase a premium membership. These filters give a very Tumblr/WeHeartIt vibe.
  2. Lightroom: My personal favorite and most used photo editing app! This is a more advanced app with many tools and settings to adjust. You can really tweak and transform images through settings and presets.
  3. Snapseed: With this app, you can target small areas of a photo and edit pieces of the image. You can also expand images, which is useful when trying to fit your background into an IG post.
  4. Picsart: This app is fun! Get creative with stickers and different backgrounds. It’s very tumbler-esque and I love that!
  5. RNI Films: Love the vintage filters on this one, and the dust effect is my favorite.

Here are some pictures I have edited using these apps!

Edited using Lightroom Mobile:

Edited using RNI Films:


Edited using Picsart: 

Image may contain: one or more people and cat

Edited using VSCO:

Image may contain: Becks Bataille, smiling

What are some of your favorite photo editing apps?


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