How to Get Brands to Notice You

On tomorrow’s new episode of Branding with Becks, we will discuss how to get brands to notice you.

This is a great episode/blog post for bloggers, content creators, and influencers looking to partner with brands and create sponsored content. To recap and review, here are 5 ways to get brands to notice you.

  1. Produce high quality content. This includes photography that is shareable and consistent. Create a posting schedule that you can follow whether that is once a week, twice a week, or everyday and ensure the content is high quality. Brands look for content that can be shared or repurposed.
  2. Have a strong engagement rate. Followers are NOT everything, but a strong relationship with your followers is KEY. Create these relationships, establish your own personal brand, and the collaborations will follow.
  3. Write professionally. Your captions, blog posts, etc should have correct grammar and spelling. Content does not have to be boring; however, it should be professional.
  4. Use additional platforms. Showcase how you can create a variety of content and spread the word on multiple channels. Bonus if it is your own platform (blog, podcast, etc).
  5. Organic use of a brand. If you already enjoy a brand, why not share about it? Post stories or maybe a flatlay incorporating the brand. This shows the brand that you already purchased the product and it shows your followers that you genuinely enjoy it.

Hope you found this helpful. Reminder that I am not an expert; however I do have experience in this industry.

Best of luck with your collaborations!

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