Do You Write Down Your Goals?

Do you physically write down your goals? Pen to paper?

Yours truly has always been a big fan of writing things down. From gratitude lists to to do lists to planners, I am a big pen to paper kinda girl. Recently, I came across an interesting article that explained just how important it is to write down your goals.

Click here for the article. 

According to this article, writing things down occurs on two different levels- external storage and encoding.

  • External storage=the piece of paper you are recording your goals on
  • Encoding= biological process by which what we perceive travels to our brain’s hippocampus to be analyzed

Neuropsychologists also noted a “generation effect” which states that people have a better memory for content they have created themselves over content they only read.

I found this piece of psychology interesting and in an effort to further this use of knowledge, I created a “September Goals” printable.

Are you going to set your September Goals today?

Septemeber Goals.png



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