YWLS 2021

Last weekend, I went to Dallas Texas for the Young Women’s Leadership Summit with Turning Point USA.

Charlie Kirk

I heard from MY “celebrities.” If you know me, you know I could not care less about Hollywood. I could not tell you what tv show is popular on Netflix, I can’t stand awards shows, I do not follow celebrities on social media, and I have no idea who the internet stars are; however, I do admire those in the political space who are standing up for what’s right and working to conserve the American dream. I look up to the free thinkers, those who are willing to speak up and share views that may not be the mainstream.

On Thursday, I flew into Dallas and immediately hit the ground running with a speaker session and an influencer reception. It was incredible to be surrounded by my celebrities at the reception. I am such a dork that I got nervous to speak to some of them, and I did not want to ask for photos… clearly I forgot the quote “people are just people they should not make you nervous” Picture how you might feel seeing Kylie Jenner.. that was me seeing these influencers…


It was a BUSY weekend, literally nonstop! Here is an idea of the schedule:

Friday: Speaker sessions from 9-5 followed by a banquet with the amazing Candace Owens. Afterwards, my friends and I headed out for some drinks and dancing.

Saturday: Speaker session from 9-5 and then grabbed dinner, saw a rodeo, and spent the night at the honky tonk.

Sunday: Speaker session from 9-12 then Uber to the airport and fly home!

Capitalist Barbie

I am so grateful for the opportunity to see and listen to these young conservative leaders, who are making waves in this movement. Throughout the weekend, I took notes on some of my favorite speeches and I am going to share them in hopes that they might resonate with you, too:

-Charlie Kirk shared that “Discipline is freedom.” You were born into the greatest nation in the history of the world. The truth will set you free. Surrounded by ladies who want to save the country and are willing to do something about it. Get your house in order. Embrace what matters.

-Young women for America: 1. Bible first. Dive deeper. 2. Get connected to the right people. 3. Take action.

-Senator Lummis is the first woman senator of Wyoming. Did you know in 1870 first woman voted?

-Lila Rose: We are women of solutions 

-Marsha Blackburn: You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. You live in the freest country on the face of the earth. If we’re going to keep it, it is up to us. 

-Tomi Lahren: Confidence is everything. You have to practice each and every day. There are people threatened by you, who are holding their breath watching for you to fail. 

-Kayleigh McEnany: Faith over fear. You were made for such a time as this.

Candace Owens: They can only assume power, if you assume fear.

Hopefully, these notes resonate with you and if you have similar views, they make you feel less alone. This weekend, was really eye-opening to how many strong, intelligent and likeminded ladies there are out there.

The Stage

As I conclude, I want to leave you with this:

It’s ok to love America

It’s ok to be grateful for our freedoms

It’s ok to be career driven, and it’s ok to be a stay at home mom.

It’s ok to take responsibility for your actions.

It’s ok to speak up. 

It’s ok to want to leave a brighter future for the next generation.

In a time where we are often told the opposite, remember to stay true to you.

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