Student Action Summit 2021

Last weekend, I attended Turning Point USA’s Student Action Summit in the fun, free state of Florida. I listened to many of my favorite leaders in the movement, met some young leaders who are taking action to preserve our freedoms, and made some new friends.

Social media is wild because you feel as if you really truly know people just by consuming the content they produce.

Fortunately, the people I met were very cool and genuine. It can be comforting to know there are others who are likeminded and have similar beliefs and views. As always, its important to be a free thinker and continue to grow and learn more.

Let’s dive into a recap of the event, featuring some of my favorite takeaways:

We flew in on Friday and enjoyed dinner and drinks at the Green Iguana in Tampa. It was a fun local spot, with no wait time. Woohoo!

On Saturday, we headed to Clearwater Beach where we enjoyed sunshine, sand, and palm trees. We had a delicious lunch of mahi mahi tacos and then headed to check in at SAS. After showering and putting on our snazzy outfits, we headed to speaker session one and a special ambassador mixer. In the first speaker session, we heard from Dan Bongino (one of my favorite show hosts).

There is dignity in work. Freedoms right in front of you. Take it back. You’re the renegades. The island of misfit toys. You’re going to look back and say “I could have done the easy thing, and I did the right thing.”

-Dan Bongino

We attended an awesome mixer at The American Social with other TPUSA Ambassadors. Here I met some of my favorite influencers, as well as Congressman Madison Cawthorn. He truly inspires me as he is such a strong leader, who is fighting for our freedoms in DC.

On Sunday, it was bright and early start as we headed to see some other amazing speakers. From Governor Ron DeSantis to Senator Ted Cruz, we heard from leaders who are working hard to keep America free. As Governor DeSantis mentioned that while its great we see Florida as a beacon of hope and freedom, citizens should not be fleeing to the one free state. All of America should be free.

Candace Owens gave a great speech as the last speaker of SAS. In her speech, she mentioned how the concept of TSA Security screenings + size limits on liquids, tolls on roads and income tax, were all concepts that stemmed from the concept of “safety.” Taking away small freedoms that we will never get back “for your safety.”

It really makes you think about how quick our freedoms were taken this year, and how we had to stand up to get them back.

The government never takes freedoms away and willingly gives them back. 

Your generation decides if we get to keep America. 

In all of human history, tell me a time when the side that used censorship, coercion, etc are the good guys? 

Censorship only arrives when they’re loosing control. 

-Candace Owens

The common theme: You can not comply your way out of tyranny. While we have our freedoms, let’s work to keep them and stand up before they get taken away.

It can be hard to stand up amongst a generation where your beliefs do not align with pop culture or mainstream media; however, you have to think about what is more important to you. America and Freedom or what others think of you.

It was a great weekend, and I am so truly blessed to have my supportive man by my side throughout life’s twists and turns.

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  1. Ronald Reagan

    Love this quote “you have to think about what is more important to you. America and Freedom or what others think of you.” I could have used it in the 1980s


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