Network Marketing As a Blogger?

Considering joining network marketing as a blogger? Today, we analyze and dive deeper into Network Marketing and why you may be interested in joining a team as a blogger.

First and foremost, what is network marketing? Basically, network marketing is marketing within your network. Your network can be defined as friends, family, peers, coworkers, blog readers, followers, friends of friends, etc. The network extends quite large when you think about it. There are many methods of marketing from digital to field to social media to promotional, and these methods can all be used in network marketing.

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Why would bloggers consider joining network marketing team? Well, bloggers and content creators make their side hustle or income in a variety of ways. There are brand deals, sponsored collaborations, and commissionable affiliate links. These are all great ways to monetize your blog; however, they can often result in chasing the next collaboration or working overtime for a small commission rate. As a blogger, you can land some amazing opportunities from travel to fashion; however, it may be difficult to find a stable consistent income.

With network marketing, you work on a team with others who also have an entrepreneurial mindset. When considering if you want to join a network marketing team, think about how much time you can realistically devote to this side hustle. It does not have to be many hours; however, consistency is key.

Most importantly, be passionate about what you are selling. Select a company that you have used before and one that you can truly can back the products.

The reason I went with Arbonne, after being approached by many network marketers, is because of their high quality, globally sourced, and made in the USA products. I can proudly stand behind the products and I use them daily.

You can find my Arbonne website here.

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