Feng Shui Your Home office

I recently redid my home office, which consisted of rearranging furniture, painting, finding new pieces and studying up on Feng Shui tips! Today, I am sharing a few tips and tricks made my home office space one that I look forward to spending time in.

According to Wikipedia, “Feng shui, sometimes called Chinese geomancy, is an ancient Chinese traditional practice which claims to use energy forces to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment. The term feng shui means, literally, “wind-water.”

I tried to incorporate the water element into my coastal-themed home office space, and used various Feng Shui suggestions and also some other tips & tricks to make my space a special one.

Here are some little changes that made a BIG difference:

-I turned my desk and made my desk FACE the doorway and NOT the wall. This is a Feng Shui suggestion because when you have your back to the door, you are more likely to be in a fight or flight defensive mode. Your body knows that you can not see what is coming.

-I moved the wifi router from my bedroom to my home office space, so it’s not near me while I am sleeping. This helps with limiting my exposure to the the signals running from my wifi.

-I moved my full length mirror from my bedroom to my office for better lighting and the ability to showcase collaborations and daily looks in a space dedicated to work. (Content creation/sharing daily is considered work)

-I set up a printer that actually works! (I dont know why, with all the technology available to us… that its so difficult to find a GOOD printer that connects and actually prints)

-I found a big comfy couch on Facebook Marketplace, which is great for reading time, journaling, blogging, and guests! It is a pullout couch to a queen size bed, and is pretty comfortable.

-I use a standing desk for a daily stretch and the ability to stand or sit during the workday.

-I incorporated plant elements and photos of nature (not enclosed, free flowing) like the ocean, palm trees, waves

-I purchased cord organizers and they make things so much easier and tidier.

-I have a comfy plush rug for under my desk that makes it nice and cozy.

-I labeled my office supplies and pens/stationary that I am EXCITED to use

-I purchased a custom return label stamper for my home to use while mailing packages 

-I purchased a custom stamper for Mr Binx to sign off on letters

-I have big windows that are often open, bringing in natural light! 

In addition to painting the room white from a childish lavender color from the previous homeowners, these are just a few little changes that made a BIG difference!

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