Limitless by Jim Kwik: Book Review

“UPGRADE YOUR BRAIN, LEARN ANYTHING FASTER, AND UNLOCK YOUR EXCEPTIONAL LIFE” After reading this headline, who wouldn’t be intrigued to pick up a copy of Limitless?

The heading of this book sparked my attention and after reading the book over the course of just a few days, I learned quite a bit. The most important message was the action that needs to occur afterwards. Sure business and personal development books are great to read… but then what? Do you put it down and keep your same routine?

Limitless by Jim Kwik opened my eyes to new exciting strategies and tangible tips and tricks to assist in memory retention, quick and effective reading, and more.

On my podcast, Branding with Becks, we recap my takeaways from this book and dive into my purple sticky bookmark tabs on various topics. I highly recommend reading the book prior to listening to this episode as there are some spoilers!

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