It’s Okay to Spend Time Alone

I was always very independent. I believe it had to do with being a competitive gymnast and my mother constantly telling me to “be your own girl.” I enjoyed spending time alone- I had a lot of hobbies and I was able to entertain myself. Do not get me wrong- I still spent time with friends and socialized. I never saw anything wrong with spending time alone though. I liked thinking and writing and exploring. I suppose I am blessed to have a big imagination.
As I grew older, spending time alone seemed to be socially unacceptable. The world seemed a lot more judgmental. It was frowned upon to sit alone, be alone, or go out alone. For some reason, being alone is viewed as being lonely. These are two entirely different things. Sure, sometimes when I am alone for too long, I become lonely. There are many times though, that I simply enjoy being me. I enjoy my hobbies. On a daily basis, I enjoy going to the gym by myself and going to the store by myself. I am a morning person, and it is not always easy to find someone who is up at 7am full of energy everyday.
Recently for the first time ever, I went out to eat by myself. I was actually very proud of myself for doing so. I spent the morning at the beach and then stopped at my favorite restaurant. I was alone, but I still enjoyed a nice book by the water, a quick swim, and a delicious meal. In the past when I saw someone sitting alone, I assumed the worst. Maybe they were stood up on a date, they are a widow, they are lonely, the list goes on. It was not until I sat alone and enjoyed my meal, that I realized how peaceful it can be.
After college graduation, life changes. Everyone becomes wrapped up in their own lives, jobs, and hobbies. We seem to spend a lot of time in our thoughts. No one is telling us what to do anymore. There is no homework. In order to continue to grow, we need to be strong on our own. I see too many cases of young adults becoming too dependent on his/her significant others. 
For those of you feeling cabin fever or the urge to get moving, I challenge you to go out alone. It may feel awkward at first, but it can also be exhilarating. If you want to go for a hike, go for it. If you want to get your favorite food, get it. If you want to ride that rollercoaster, do it. Do not miss out on life because your friends are busy. It is your life and your time. Time is precious and life goes by fast. It is OK to spend time alone.

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