Self-care Saturday

Happy Weekend, beautiful friends!

I am so happy to have a nice relaxing Saturday with time for a some self-care. After a low- key Friday night of having dinner and a cocktail with a great friend, I was awake nice and early this morning. I started my Saturday off with a nice long run outside. It felt good to run outdoors and for the sun to beat against my skin. It has been a long time. After my run, I showered off and was feeling good. After my 10 hour work days with a long commute, I decided I needed some self-care this morning. Who doesn’t love some #self-care?!

Here are three products that I absolutely LOVE to use on Self-care Saturday:

  1. FRÉ Skincare Line: 

I shared this wonderful line with you all before in my FRÉ Skincare Review Post, but I can not get enough! I am excited to announce that I was selected as an ambassador for this amazing company! For a discount on your own kit, use code BECSEA15. I use the face wash daily as well as the replenish and protect me bottles. My skin feels softer, and much healthier. As someone who lives an active lifestyle, this skincare system comes with me everywhere! I love to use it while I am traveling as well.

2. Schwarzkopf Ultimate Repair Anti Damage Mask: This magical hair mask only stays in your hair for 1 minute while you are showering. Simply apply after your shampoo and conditioner are rinsed out, leave in for 1 minute, and then rinse out. After you are done in the shower, towel dry your hair and spray in the Ultimate Repair Conditioner spray. After dying my hair multiple times, my ends are very damaged. To see more tips on haircare, please review my strengthening your hair post. 

3.  Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Kit: You have heard about this kit already in my Smile Brilliant Review post, and I am true to my word- I continue to use this product after my giveaway has ended. These trays are easy to use and can whiten your teeth in just 45 minutes! For 15% off any trays, use code BECSEA15. Perfect for a quick self-care Saturday.

Hopefully, you can take sometime this weekend for a little self-care! Feeling too busy or stressed? Here are a few easy, simple ways to relax. While you wait for your orders of the above products to come in 😉

  • Have a cup of tea! Green tea with lemon is my personal favorite
  • Set aside 30 mins for meditation & listen to a meditation app
  • Sit outside in the sunshine with a good book
  • Write in your journal
  • Bring your camera to the park and take some photos
  • Spend time with your pet
  • Call a friend or family member

Enjoy your weekend!

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***The companies mentioned provided product as compensation; however, Rebecca only showcases products she admires and believes in. 

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