Quick & Easy Self-care Travel Routine


So, you’re getting ready for a trip… and you want to feel refreshed without breaking the bank or trying to find the time in your busy schedule?

No worries lady, I got you. 

This quick and easy self-care travel routine leaves me feeling ready to go, without taking up too much valuable time. This self-care routine consists of products gifted to me, that I truly enjoy. Please use the information at your own risk, as I am NOT an expert.

Let’s get started!

Smile Brilliant gifted me this teeth whitener years ago, and I have been using it ever since! The process is super simple, and I notice results after one quick session! For more information, click here.


Let’s work on that skin with Fytt body scrubs and smoothies. This natural product is supposed to help with cellulite and hydrating/refreshing the skin. I use it as a body scrub and face mask. For more information, click here. (gifted)


The Ordinary gifted me with a variety of products, and so far I am really enjoying them. This facial peeling solution is super strong and only to be used once a week! I apply this ten minute facial and rinse it off with lukewarm water.


Following the facial/ for daily use, I use this product to brighten my skin and even out my skin tone. It applies like a face lotion, and so far I am really enjoying it! IMG_9627

Let’s hydrate! My skin becomes very dry, especially during these cold winter months. This hydrating serum is now apart of my daily routine. A few drops, and I am good to go! (Gifted)IMG_9628

Now, I did spice up my self-care travel routine with some lash extensions from Dolce Derma. For more information on those, click here. 

I hope you found this quick and easy self-care travel routine useful. I do have one more tip to help you prepare for your trip… and that is TEA!

Take a second to breathe and drink tea. I prefer green tea in the afternoon, and a good night time chamomile after dinner. It’s so important to relax, as travel can be stressful at times. Remember to breathe.



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