Eyelash Extensions (in partnership with Dolce Derma)

A few weeks ago, I partnered with Dolce Derma to showcase the ultimate lash lift. Today, we decided to spice it up and try some lash extensions! Dolce suggested the hybrid extensions which consist of the classic with some Russian volume extensions. Lash extensions provide a fuller look to natural lashes and are great for events or travel or when you do not have time to apply falsies.


I was so happy to be back, and excited to try something new!

When I arrived at the center, I completed the form which included information regarding my eyes and eyelashes. Then, I removed all makeup from the eye area. We got on the treatment started right away.

The entire procedure took about an hour and 40 minutes to complete. My eyelashes went from this:



To this:


Overall, I am SO happy with the results. My lashes look much fuller! Plus, I will not have to worry about mascara for 2 weeks hehe. Perfect for an upcoming trip!

If you visit Dolce Derma, mention my name for a discount!


This post was written in collaboration with Dolce Derma in Clifton NJ.Services were gifted.


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