Part 3: Why is Branding Important?

Congratulations, You made it to part 3 of the 3 part branding series where we answer the question “Why is Branding Important?”

If you have not read part 1: What is a Personal Brand and part 2 Finding your Why, I highly recommend reading them before you read this post. 

Today, we are going dive into the importance of developing a personal brand and why branding is so important in business. This will help as we move forward and develop content strategies and set goals.

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I will let you in on a little secret: Branding is NOT just for business owners. By developing and maintaining your personal brand, you can gain recognition and reputation that will help move you forward. 

Some benefits of personal branding include:

  • Networking: Meeting new friends, clients, peers, etc. Networking can allow you to advance your business ideas and create credibility in your industry.
  • Career Advancement: Many job interviews have revolved around my personal brand and experience on social media. Recruiters can gain a better understanding of who you are as a person and if you fit the company culture from your personal brand online. This will help you stand out amongst the crowd.
  • Opportunities: By sharing a personal brand with the world, you are opening yourself up to opportunities in the community.

For example: A man owns a tee shirt company. His tee shirts are great quality, delivered quickly, and come in a variety of colors. He always delivers his products with a smile. There are many places to get tee shirts from; however, everyone in town goes to this man. He created a sense of trust and developed a relationship with the customers, he used branding to move his business along. 

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By branding your business, you are creating a community around your product or service.

Benefits of branding a business include:

  • Gaining more clients through referrals, word of mouth, and social media growth
  • Relationship building/Increasing sales through a sense of trust
  • Opportunities to network in the community
  • Brand recognition: easily recognizable marketing

By using branding, you are marketing your company in a way that connects with consumers.

Example: Gecko for car insurance (I did not even say the company name, yet you know it!)

I hope you enjoyed this branding series! This week, we defined branding, we discovered our why, and we covered why branding is so important. As we move forward in a social media age, I believe branding is more important than ever. How can you utilize branding in your life or business?

I am not an expert. Use information at your own risk.

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