It’s Okay to Not be Okay

It’s okay to not be okay. May is Mental Health Awareness Month; I felt this post was necessary, especially in today’s climate.

“Flower child, you are about to bloom” 🌼

That was my scheduled caption for this flower photo in my online content planner. Short, sweet, inspirational, one of my favorite little quotes… but I want to be a deeper blogger than that.

I want to be real with you. ⠀

selective focus of white and yellow daisy flowers
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Throughout this entire period of 2020, I have had my really good productive days and then I have had my not-so-motivated moments. I want to remind you that what you see on social media in general is mostly a highlight reel of people showcasing the good times. For example, I was not going to post a picture of myself wide awake until 4 am with tears in my eyes and upset feelings. I posted a picture from a better day- a day where I could meet up with my friends, grab lunch at our favorite restaurant, and be in public without having to wear a mask.

I am not one to sit back and wait for things to get better- I like to be in control and I crave life the way it was. I feel angry, frustrated, sad, and annoyed. I also feel constricted when sharing my opinions because let’s be real: social media is a giant judgement zone. I feel conflicted because I want to be honest and to use my platform to voice my viewpoints; however, every move we make on social media is criticized. Some of my favorite podcasters are suffering the repercussions of living their lives under a microscope.

There is no more open conversation, there is no agree to disagree. I feel exhausted of looking at cookie cutter accounts with little depth. 

I started my day in a really rough headspace; I felt unmotivated and exhausted, even with the sun finally shining outside today. After a yoga session, a healthy lunch, and sitting outside, I do feel a lot better. I do believe I am about to bloom, and I do believe there are brighter days ahead.

Sometimes, even very positive people, have difficulty finding that light.

This whole situation has been mentally exhausting for someone like me and I am proud of my coping through channeling this energy into my passions. If you are looking for some self care practices, check out this post.

I hope you are doing well and hanging in there. I hope you find peace in the fact that you are not alone. Please get help if you need it, and please check in on your friends and family and peers. It is okay to not be okay, do not be ashamed of emotions that are not the same as what you think everyone else is feeling.


I am not an expert. Consume information at your own risk.

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